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Sure to light up any stage with his captivating and spiritual delivery. Clinark has an incredible vocal range allowing him to cover great songs from Michael Jackson to Bob Marley and to cap it all off he is an accomplished songwriter and seasoned performer. 


Reggae singer and songwriter, Clinark real name Clinarke Dill (pronounced Klin_Ark),has just released his latest single is 'Babylon City' (2012). It is a self-penned conscious Reggae song spawned by UK summer riots. He is currently nominated for Best Newcomer by public vote on by the British Reggae Industry Awards (BRIA) 2012. 

Clinark 's current album 'Journey to Foreign - Deluxe Edition (2011) also nominated for Best British Album by BRIA for his acclaimed classic Roots, Culture and Lovers Rock album updated from (2008 ) to include 20 Dub mixes. Clinark's songs have been played on Choice FM and many stations around the UK and internationally . Recently Clinark opened for Freddie McGreggor, Gyptian and Junior Marvin. Clinark appears in 3 videos directed by Chris Cargil of DOF Films UK. The videos were filmed as part of a youth education project on location in Edmonton, Walthamstow and Hackney in London and Bermuda 

Clinark has the ability to span all ranges extending to tenor, coupled with a captivating spiritual stage presence. He is often compared to the late Greats, Bob Marley & Garnett Silk. These are also his main influences alongside Aswad and The Jackson 5. Clinark was born on the British colony of Bermuda, he leaned music and song from his parents his mother who is a Seven Day Adventist. He was an avid lover of music started out as a lead singer and musician (keyboard & drums) for top Bands; 'Youth Creation,' Studio Six & 'Jahstice. Unfortunately a serious bout of vertigo caused him to turn his back on music in 1999. 

Clinark sang and played keyboards and drums in Youth Creation Band from he was 15 years old. The band gained much recognition and a single was released called ‘Come in de land’ (1985) culminating in an album in 1987 called ‘Jah is on our Side.’ Clinark sang lead and backing vocals, played key boards drums on some of the tracks: ‘The love That I Feel’, ‘We must fight against Apartheid’,' Worldwide Problems’ and ‘’Drug Population.’ The band also opened shows with Aswad, Third World, Steel Pulse, Dennis Brown and more and we find that he lists these performers in his repertoire of covers and cites these artists as his main influences for his music today. 

Later Clinark joined the Studio Six Band (1990 to 1993) performing as a singer and keyboard player he later joined the Jahstice Band (1994 to 1998). In 1997, the band began work on an album. He wrote some of the songs ‘Strugglin,’ ‘Give Thanks & Praises’ and ‘ More and More,’ ‘Can’t Let Go,’ One Love One Destiny’ became an anthem for the band). Unfortunately, the album remained unfinished due to a member leaving shortly after the initial recording. Clinark was also ill and he decided to leave the band at the end of 1999. 

The year 2000 was a more desperate time for Clinark. He was struck with sudden bouts of nausea & dizziness and inability to walk. He was bed ridden and unable to work for several months. Doctors were baffled. Eventually, in 2002. Clinark was finally diagnosed as suffering chronic vertigo. Clinark sought relief from a naturopathic doctor and eventually he saw a gradual decline in his symptoms. He ran a small business called Riviera Roots Wear which sold wholesale and retail cultural goods and herbal products and continues as an online store today. 

However, in 2004 under the name of 'Dill-in-Jah' Clinark recorded the vocals for a song called 'Dem Come'. This was for UK label Dread Unity. It was a sold - out hit on the underground UK dub scene. After Receiving an invite from producer, ‘Tony ‘Tech- T’ Edwards to record a few singles, he took a trip to the UK in 2004. Clinark’s symptoms reduced further, the cooler climate suited his condition. Eventually he came to form the independent record label, Nurture Projects.

To learn more about Clinark and see a list of his specific achievements and discography, including a brilliant tribute to the King of Pop, please visit his official website at