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Donna Massa-Chappee

Donna Massa-Chappee


As a child I was born into the world of art.  I came from a family of diverse artists. At age five I began my young journey taking classes at the Boston Ballet in Boston, MA. USA. I was trained as a classical dancer using the Balanchine method of dance and I loved performing.

I danced for ten years but at the tender age of fifteen I made the difficult choice to make fine art my calling.  At the age of seventeen I decided to attend art school.  I graduated with a BA from Montserrat School of Art and majored in graphic design and illustration.  After graduation, I worked full time for the prestigious House of Bianchi Inc. a family owned business.  They were well known manufacturers in the wedding gown and bridal industry.

I worked in different capacities within many different departments of the company climbing my way up learning the business of fashion and manufacturing.  At the impressionable age of twenty seven, I went back to school and attended nights at the School of Fashion Design in Boston for two and a half years earning an Associate’s degree in fashion design.  In 1982 I became a full time fashion designer designing bridesmaids and informal wedding gowns. I was also doing fashion illustration for the Pacific Coast magazine in LA. CA.

Due to the fact that my body measurements and height fit the company’s standard size eight sloper, I became their full time house fit model and modeled in Boston and at times in New York.

I designed for the House of Bianchi for fifteen years.  My dresses were featured in Brides and Modern Bride Magazines.  I thoroughly enjoyed the many years of glamor and success in the fashion industry.  When we sold the business in 1997 I took a year sabbatical.  During this time I went back to Montserrat School of Art nights, to take a summer course using Photo-shop & Illustrator computer programs.

In 1998 I moved to North Conway, NH. to start a new life.  I continued designing and owned my own custom formal wear and bridal gown business, Donna Massa Fashions for five years.  As the economy changed it was becoming more difficult to manufacture in the United States, I felt it was time to say good by to a thirty five year career and close this incredible chapter of my life...

In 2005 I decided to go back to my roots and make hand illustration my passion and new career.  Working my way into the world of illustration was interesting and I loved it!  Each piece I created gave me such joy and I was growing as an artist. The mediums I mastered were Prismacolor pencils, soft pencil and pen & ink.

In 2009 after the passing of Michael Jackson I felt a need to tribute this great artist.  Over the years I always paid tribute to various artists and special people in different mediums of art as I felt the intrinsic need to honor them. With Michael the intention of paying tribute became a whole new meaning on a very different level.  Throughout my unique experiences I was able to create “The Michael Jackson Series.” Twelve illustrations including it's cover of Michael's story and untold story over a period of four years.  Through his spirit, energy and guidance I was obliged to tell his story and write my first non-fiction, fine art, story book titled, “The Untold Stories Behind “The Michael Jackson Series” in honor and in tribute to the greatest entertainer and performing artist of our time...

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Dear Michael Jackson Fans around the world,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Donna Massa-Chappee and I am the Author/Illustrator of my new book, “The Untold Stories behind “The Michael Jackson Series” available for sale on Amazon along with the Kindle version as well.

This is not like any other book published about Michael Jackson nor do you have to be a devoted fan to read it. The book is about my incredible four year journey that explains my part of the story as well as Michael's untold stories through visual fine art illustration. The storyline goes far beyond just Michael and is for all humanity to know, understand, and appreciate. The purpose of writing this nonfiction book is to inspire and inform the world as to what Michael came to learn, know and understand before his untimely death. It is for us to understand the true meaning of his legacy and why it’s to be shared with the many generations to come.

I assure all of you this book and its storyline is pure and honest and was created out of love and spiritual guidance. My true intention was not to write the book however a well-known director/producer out of LA viewed my illustrations on my website and contacted me. He advised me that it was imperative to write about my experience to fully grasp why I was able to create the storyline without ever knowing Mr. Jackson. He felt it was extraordinarily important to share this information due to his experience of viewing all twelve of the illustrations. It is also important to know that money from riding on the skirt tails of Mr. Jackson was not my intention or motive for creating the Series or writing the book. My reason is to promote the importance of his hospital and why. We as a collective group should be aware of his intentions and support his wish. In whatever capacity we work in, we should all try to support the concept of Michael's hospital and give whatever we can to support this foundation's intentions. This is a MOVEMENT IN MOTION a genuine MJ CAUSE and if you truly love Michael and are a devoted fan of his music or his artistry then it should be our priority to continue his unfinished and final project on this earth.

Michael’s message is to be shared and told. The books purpose is to bring awareness to his futuristic vision, what he wanted to achieve if he had lived and why, the importance of the New Age children, and the essential part they will all play on this earth.

It is a tribute to Michael, his children and all humanity. The book is to inform and inspire those who read it and to know the importance we all share in changing and shaping our new world.

Happy Birthday Michael 2013!

Sincerely in Peace, Love, Hope & Unity


Donna Massa-Chappee <3

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