Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Elke Hassell - Our Spotlight Pledge at 3000! (Barbados)

My name is Elke Hassell, I was born and raised in Germany but now reside in Barbados. I am 55 years old, widowed with two adult children.

My first introduction to Michael Jackson was when I was 8 years old. My Father loved to watch English speaking programs and shows like the Andy Williams show and the Ed Sullivan Show. One night he called me and told me I have to come and see these kids perform, that they were amazing. So I did, and I witnessed this great performance by the J5 with their lead singer Michael, a little pint size kid, that belted out the most amazing songs, and instantly fell in love. From thereon I just kept looking for anything Jackson 5, especially Michael. So really he was my "first love" in those days.

Of course one enters into puberty and teen stage and interests drifted to different things. I married and moved to England in 1977. It was there, that my memory and interest awoke once again to Michael Jackson, as we all know that exposure through media was much greater over there than in Germany at the time. Off the Wall, Thriller were all albums I played over and over again, like all the rest in the world. The Michael Jackson Hype was in full gear. I could not believe that the little boy I fell in love with at age 8 had become a Super Mega Star and more beautiful than ever. Bad period entered and I made sure I purchased my tickets for the Wembley Stadium Performance attended by Princess Diana. This I must say was one of the most memorable experiences I have had in my live. I cannot simply explain with enough words the impact this made on my life and thousands that attended the concert. We were all a following of this great Man's messages, in his humble and graceful way. LOVE extended to the horizons and was physically felt, it was not just the usual frenzy for one Entertainer, it was much, much more than that. I have certainly never witnessed anything like it nor will I ever again have that profound feeling of peace, love and unity.

Then came the first accusation, and no need to say it spread like a wildfire. I remember watching the news when the story broke and felt as if somebody had pressed the live out of me. I felt the pain, the hurt the unbelievable sadness for this Man that had nothing but LOVE for everybody especially the children. I was angry, disappointed and disgusted at the way millions of people responded toward him and could not fathom that people really believed the trash that was said about him. I had arguments, after arguments with people about it, people that used to adore him to death and yet fell for this cheap and nasty portrayal of the most humanitarian Man I have ever come to know. I had my daughter by that time, who was 11 years old, she was and still is one of his greatest fans. I sat her down and talked to her about what has been happening, I showed her pictures and articles of his humanitarian work, Neverland, the things he did for suffering children, I just wanted her to know this from me and nobody else, so that when she got older, she would already know the truth about this remarkable man.

The rest is basically history, that you, the true fans and myself know already. His way of teaching was the right way for many of us, as it certainly impacted the way I looked at life, and the words "if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make that change. It became my anthem my entire life that is the power Michael Jackson had on me and millions of others that live by this motto.

Of course since his death, it has become my daily mission, to study anything Michael Jackson, especially since my kids are now grown and my husband passed away. His undying love for the human race, the well-being of all children in the world, despite the fact that he was treated by many as the punch bag Poster boy for Bullies, never stopped him from smiling his beautiful smile and his faith in God and Humanity. His last wish to build the Children Hospital for millions of children, his concern for them, his angels, echoes all around. We as his fans, mothers, and fathers have to make this dream a reality for the future of our kids, we have a duty to continue to spread his LOVE and continue in his Legacy, for you and me and the entire Human Race.

I thank the for giving me a chance to express my feelings for this phenomenal Human Being Mr. Michael J. Jackson, may he continue his mission through all of us.

Elke Hassell