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Many supporters are not able to donate because either your country does not permit PayPal or your maestro cards are not accepted through our pay systems. MDF listened and now we have set up an account just for you to donate via Online Bank transfer.

PNC BANK  Account No 5307931857  Route No 054000030 

Thank you for donating towards our projects and future dreams.


Finally! we can now accept you donations directly to our own Financial institution for MDF, Fee's are very minimal now. You can still donate through PayPal if you wish but this is a direct merchant link and will save a lot of time and money . You see we listened and finally for those that were not able to donate before can do so with their own credit cards or bank.

Thank you for all your love and support. We are a global Charity with Global needs. We need the world at our side. MDF



We are going to build a playground!  

Michael's Dream Foundation is proud to be a part of a beautiful project underway in Onakewase, Ghana. 

Mother AURA Foundation Founder Mr. Nelson Kweku Danso and Rob Swinson, Neverland Historian and Author of Maker of dreams have come together to pay Michael forward by building a kindergarten school in Michael's memory.

Although many have joined hearts and hands to build this school it is still very much in need of your support to see this finished.   Not only do these lovely children need a place to learn but they need the proper uniforms and shoes and of course books, pencils and backpacks, all the usual school things our own children use everyday.   Please set aside a little next time you go shopping for these items and donate to the kindergarten school in this village in Ghana. Teaching our own children to reach across and help other children is the most beautiful and rewarding gift you can teach your very own children. 

Michael's dream Foundation has been asked to be a part of this wonderful project and we could not think of a better way than to utilize Phase 111 of our Michael's Dream Box program.

This garden will epitomize the very legacy of Michael – a beautiful garden adorned with sunflowers for quiet reflection; and a playground for the children he loved so much; enabling future generations to remember Michael, for all he gave to the children of the world.

Michael's Dream Foundation would like to raise 5,000 or more to build the playground and to furnish future supplies and maintenance of the gardens and equipment. Our goal is to deliver one huge Michael's Dream Box (Playground)

Building a playground was definitely one of our goals in the future and now we have been presented with the honor to do just that. Please take the time to click on the links and read about the progress of the school itself.  

MDF will be campaigning for donations to build a top notch playground will all the apparatus and functionality of a much needed playground for the children to use.

The playground will be adorned with gardens and lots of sunflowers. The sunflowers are already in Ghana waiting to be planted. 

Please help this wonderful project by donating towards the estimated goal of $5.000.  the more we can raise the better the playground will be equipped.  You can also hop on over to the building site of the school and get involved also by donating through the link provided on their pages.

Michael's Dream Foundation is also raising funds by sponsoring the Sunflower project for Michael's birthday and we will use part of those funds towards the playground also.

Mr Nelson Kweku Danso

Founder/Chief Executive Officer at Mothers AURA Foundation(Ghana) Will place a plaque in MDF's and supporters name to honor this playground  In the loving memory of Michael once it is finished.

Just think of how beautiful it will be to see the glowing faces and smiles on these precious children when they can finally go to school to learn and play with a innocent heart laughing and screaming with joy as they explore their new school and playground.

Please donate here by clicking on the children riding the school bus. If you prefer to donate a different amount please do so by using the sunflower on the donation page.

If you prefer to donate without using PayPal please click on the Donate Now button below






How many?
Sunflowers for Michael
 Click on the frog to donate


It’s that time again!  Last year we proudly displayed the flowers with a banner in front of Michael’s resting place for all to admire. This year we are hoping to have even more flowers. We need your help to make this possible.

Last year we visited Forest Lawn in June but since have decided to visit on Michael’s Birthday for 2016. It seems more joyous for the children to celebrate by gifting with handmade flowers.

If your school or children would like to make handmade sunflowers for Michael then please get them involved by having them made and allowing them to be as creative as possible. Please do not use seeds or grains. Also  please use some type of paper thick enough to stay firm If you would like them to be attached to a stem or stick that is fine or they can be made as a flat flower and we will paste them on a board. Please make sure to ask each child to write their name and country on the flower petals.

We respect each child’s privacy so we ask that you only send us flowers with the parents knowledge or permission.

Please feel free to send us pictures of the children making the flowers along with them holding the finished flower.

We are asking everyone to help sponsor this beautiful project by donating and in turn we will use part of the funds towards our operation costs and our next exciting project. MDF will be fundraising to build a children’s playground for a kindergarten school in Onakwase in Ghana. Of course you can decide if you would like to donate towards the Hospital Fund or the Dream Box projects   


Please send your children’s flowers to

℅ Louise Greer

220#G Evergreen Trail SE






Our children can feel the love and magic of a great humanitarian and it's up to us to teach them all we can. This is a beautiful way for the children to lay tribute with their own special love.


By sponsoring a hand-made Michael’s Dream Flower; you can help us to raise the funds to make this happen. Each flower will be lovingly placed at Forest Lawn on 29th August; as your personal tribute to Michael – the inspiration behind this wonderful project. 

Each flower costs just $5 to sponsor.  This includes the making of, transportation to Forest Lawn Memorial Park and its display.  To purchase one of these flowers; simply make a donation to any of our funds; stating how many flowers you wish to sponsor. Like last year; your name will be included with the display; to mark your own special birthday gift to Michael; as you help to create a beautiful garden of love for his birthday.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a sea of golden sunflowers all on display for Michael’s birthday? Closing date for purchasing sponsorship of these flowers if 30th July. Let’s create that beautiful garden for Michael  - and a lasting legacy for the children! 


This is a global project whereas schools and families are asked to participate by making sunflowers that can be sent to the USA and placed on our website for everyone to see before making a final journey to California in August. We are then asking you, our beautiful supporters to "sponsor" these sunflowers by sending a donation. In doing so, you will not only be helping us in getting the flowers to their final destination but you will also be helping to build Michael's Ultimate Dream; the dream of helping children from all walks of life.  Michael loved helping the world and he loved giving what he could to the children just to know they would be happy, and we invite you to be a part of it! 







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