Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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“The universal reaction and comments about Mikeiel have been most positive and accepting. The joy that I have received by all of you have made me feel whole again. 2014 has been the most difficult year of my entire life and it is still going on. That being said the love and joy I have received over the past five days have made up for all mental anguish, emotional hurt, and physical suffering. The spiritual aspects have been heightened and your support over this illustration makes me feel happy again. I will continue to reach out to as many fans out there as possible, because of their enduring dedication and eternal love for this most beautiful and highest degree of pure light and Divine energy.” ~ Donna Massa Chappee


Here is a letter to us from our good friend, Donna Massa-Chappee, telling a touching story about how her book, "The Untold Stories" brought a Christmas Miracle to a little boy....

A Christmas Miracle:

We are very proud and excited to announce that Author/Illustrator Donna Massa-Chappee will be generously donating ALL December sales of her book to Michael's Dream Foundation! We would like to invite you to purchase one of these books, which tells the intimate story behind the paintings that she has devoted much of her life to. Each one of these paintings is incredibly beautiful and moving, and portray evidence of a deep understanding of Michael's character and life; so much so that it could be seen as indisputable proof that she has indeed experienced a profoundly spiritual connection with one of the greatest humanitarians the world has ever known. Please take a moment to learn more and consider ordering one or more copies for yourself or as gifts to your like-minded friends and loved ones . Every penny of these sales for the month of December goes to support Michael's Dream Foundation in helping children heal all over the world. Please keep reading for more details!

Keeping Smiles Bright in Africa!

Michael’s Dream Foundation recently shipped 320 Colgate Dental Kits and books to our partner, Heal the World Miracle Project in Uganda, to help them teach their children how to keep their teeth clean. Each kit included…


MDF's "Love the Llama" Raffle!

Michael's Dream Foundation is raffling tickets for $20.00 each for the chance to win Louie the Llama, a famous collectible pet! The money raised will help towards the Foundation's administration costs including legal fees, toy storage fees, hosting fees, etc. Unfortunately, running a legitimate business is not free, or even cheap! TO ENTER THE RAFFLE.......