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Co-hosts for this premier episode are Mr. Rob Swinson, Neverland Park HIStorian & Author of Maker of Dreams - Creating Michael Jackson's "Neverland Valley Park," and Dr. Jeremy Crosby, a renown specialist in the treatment of military veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They will discuss the background and purpose as they relate to Mr. Swinson's beautiful new book about the creation of Michael Jackson's fantasy "Neverland Dream" into reality that he shared with many underprivileged, handicapped and terminally ill children who were among the guests at Neverland Valley Ranch.

We are pleased to inform you that Michaelizer Radio will dedicate a night to the Bad album to celebrate its twenty-seventh anniversary on August 30 at 20:30 pm (Paris Hour)! This is an opportunity to hear this album and concert tour July 16, 1988 at Wembley. Not to mention the songs feature movie Moonwalker and performance time. A good time for all fans! 

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Do you have things lying around your house that are just collecting dust and cluttering up your space? Maybe you have vast collections of things that once meant the world to you but now you're wondering why you spent all that money on them? Don't we all have bric-a-brac that has been stored in a box for years? Others may see it as new treasure!!


Our partner, Michaelizer Radio, will dedicate an evening to the album “Off The Wall” on August 10, 2014 at 20.30 pm (Paris hour) to celebrate its thirty-fifth anniversary! You will hear, of course, music from the album but also all the performances from this exceptional period. This is an evening not to be missed! Click the banner below to join the soirée!




Reverend B. Kaufmann’s life study has been eclectic: as a nurse, management major, ordained minister, international diplomat, urban shaman, metaphysician, -- but the core of the work has always involved healing. Her life’s avocation as a wordsmith has stayed the same even though the genre occasionally changes to accommodate her mission: “writing to simply change the world.”  www.onewordsmith.com

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Announcing Michael’s Dream Foundation’s intention to restore or rebuild the defunct St. Mary Mercy Hospital at 555 Polk St. in Gary, IN as a children’s medical recovery center.

This is the story of how Zeke became my life. Feb 22, 2011 I found out I was 22 weeks pregnant. Two weeks later I found out I was having a boy! I was so excited! I worked up until three days before I delivered. I was contracting at a Fourth of July party and the next day I knew it was time. He was full term. I had to go in for an emergency C-section. I then found out that he had some issues.

I first noticed his skin tags around his jaw and ear. The doctors then told me he was missing his entire right ear. Then I saw his jaw was extremely underdeveloped. This is called Goldenhar. I was sad, mad, and confused. I didn't know what I had done to make this happen. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to handle this and that baby deserved a mom that was perfect. It wasn't long before I knew I was meant to be his "perfect" mom.

He had several tests. We learned that his left "normal" ear had normal hearing and just mild loss on his right. It was a miracle. He had no ear! He can't feed orally but he wants to. His chin is too small and it tires him out to try. He has a long road ahead of him and there's no doubt that he will be amazing.

We met with a plastic surgeon and he decided that jaw surgery is the way to go. This of course made me nervous since they usually don't do this until the child is 4 or 5 years old. They will put in a device to stretch his jaw. I will have to tighten this daily just like you would braces for teeth.  He will wear this for about 6 weeks and then they will reevaluate. This could possibly help him eat on his own.

We meet the plastic surgeon before the surgery to explain his scans and the procedure in more depth. I will update as we go along. Wish us luck!!


 Nov 15, 2012 8:28pm

One day I accidentally ripped out Zeke's tube and the hole closed up. He then was scheduled for a routine surgery and then came some complications. He threw up in surgery and developed pneumonia. He was then kept on a ventilator for days. They then thought we should do a jaw distraction since he would need it in 6 months anyway. I agreed. Since he was already put under and tubed I thought this was great so we wouldnt have to do this later. The surgery went well although his little lungs are not strong enough to take the breathing tube out yet. He has been sedated for 8 days now and will not be taken off the vent until at least next Monday or Tuesday. He will be on the vent for about a week and a half. They are turning his jaw to stretch it and he will soon have a better breathing passage when this is all said and done. Right now we are just waiting for him to be able to breathe on his own. I'm very ready for him to come home but i know he's getting some very good care.

  This is the website with Zeke's Story and his life journey as he under goes each surgery, his development and healing through:



If you would like to help Zeke's mom with his care and needs, click the Donate button below which will direct you to PayPal:


July 25, 2013 - Zeke Helps MDF Make a Dream Box Delivery!



On Thursday 31st October, the beautiful 18 month old Kian was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. This is his battle….

Baby Kian had been weak, tired, suffering with temperatures and reluctant to use his legs for several weeks. After 5 trips to the doctors and 1 trip to A&E, they decided it had gone on for too long and were referring him to a pediatrician. A week and a half later whilst waiting for this appointment, Kian's temperature had shot through the roof and wasn't being controlled by calpol, he cried all the time, wouldn't stand up, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep or settle. His worried parents took him back to A&E and Kian was kept in and given a blood transfusion when they found that his oxygen levels were low. The hospital took blood tests, did x-rays and scans, and took a biopsy on his pelvis as they believed it was a virus.

After a week in hospital, Sam and Kat were told that their innocent baby boy had neuroblastoma and it was high risk. The cancer started above his left kidney on an adrenal gland where a tumor had developed and the cancer had spread to his bones, particularly at this point, across his pelvis.

They have been told he has 50/50 chance of survival and if his treatment is successful, there is 80% chance of a relapse. There is no relapse treatment in the UK and fundraising is for relapse treatment in the USA which costs £550,000.

Kian spent the weekend having his second blood transfusion and being drip fed a protein milk to build him up before his chemotherapy started on Tuesday 5th November. He has now finished chemo and to date is waiting for 3 weeks radiotherapy. His journey through chemo was heartbreaking, and after the radio he has a further 6 months of immunotherapy. So far from over at such a young age. Would be very grateful if you would consider any form of help.

Regards   Emma Marshall

Visit the "Caring for Kian" Facebook Page for information on how YOU can help - See more at: http://www.michaelsdreamfoundation.org/index.php/for-items/item/77-community-outreach#sthash.UHmyVIQR.dpuf


Visit the "Caring for Kian" Facebook Page for information on how YOU can help - See more at: http://www.michaelsdreamfoundation.org/index.php/for-items/item/77-community-outreach#sthash.UHmyVIQR.dpuf

Visit the "Caring for Kian" Facebook page for more information on how YOU can help




Thank you with all our hearts to everyone who helped to get the vote out for Michael’s Dream Boxes!

The Ty Pennington Give Back Challenge contest has moved into its final round. Though Michael’s Dream Foundation did not move on to one of the top 6 spots in the contest, we congratulate the wonderful causes that did, and wish the very BEST to them and their communities. Please visit the page today and vote for your favorite of the six! VOTE HERE

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to bringing SMILES to children’s faces. You are the ones who are making Michael’s dreams COME TRUE!

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