Tuesday, January 23, 2018

News Blog

We are very excited today as Mr. Dream Bee himself has been very busy. We have a brand new section of the MDF website which we are calling “Busy Bee’s Fundraising Corner”. Come check it out!

What is this all about?  Follow Mr. Dream Bee and find out how you can be a part of Michael's Dream Foundation fundraising campaigns.  He is loading his new page with so many ideas and not only WHAT but HOW and WHERE to sell them with ease and  pride knowing your creations are going to help a cause that is close to your heart. We know that many people are creative at something! That something could be a money maker not only for MDF but for you as well, giving you the confidence and the potential to be a small business with you being completely in control. Being green around the earth is vital to our future and this is all about recycling.

New things from old - practical, functional, beautiful, frugal recycling! We will continue to add new ideas as we venture around the world, and please feel free to submit your own ideas to us! We are open to all ideas! 

We hope that this section of Michael's Dream Foundation’s website is going to be loved by all because it not only helps the environment but it helps to create a love all on its own.  Please read all the pages of this new section as there are so many valuable resource links available to you. Happy creating everyone!


Michael’s Dream Foundation is very pleased to announce that the new and improved version of Michael’s Dream Box will soon be going to the UK delivered to our new partner, Martha Care!