Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Christmas Miracle

Posted on 22 December, 2014 by in VIP News

Here is a letter to us from our good friend, Donna Massa-Chappee, telling a touching story about how her book, "The Untold Stories" brought a Christmas Miracle to a little boy....

A Christmas Miracle:

I shall share a true story that recently happened. This book was read to a nine year old boy who was terminally ill diagnosed with brain lesions. A dear friend of mine visited him in a hospital in IL. US. She read the book to him to help him cope with his depression about his disease. He especially loved the illustrations and the descriptions, his favorite was Michael's "The Giving Tree." He imagined himself in the tree and loved how he felt. He became alive and happy imagining all the wonderful things he could see in the tree. The boy was hopeful and happy with this book of colorful illustrations of Peter Pan, The Scarecrow, and The Clown. To this boy they weren't just illustrations of Michael Jackson but a world of childhood imagination, full of life and promise. The doctor noticed the difference in the boy's attitude and asked my friend what had occurred, she said "I just read him a story." The following day the boy needed additional CT scans to see how many lesions were on his brain and what course of action and treatment would be needed. The lesions were gone not a trace. The doctor was astounded and could not believe how this was remotely possible, so he consulted with other specialists at the hospital. The doctor also broke the news to his parents. The doctor/specialist called my friend and wanted to see the book she read to him. He asked if he could read it along with his mother. After he read the book he wanted to order two books for two other hospitals with terminally ill children. The boy was released home from the hospital last week with no lesions on his brain.

Call it what you will. It took five and one half years to finally realize where this book should be. How ironic is this story when it is now in the hands of Michael's Dream Foundation helping children, and building the possibility of a hospital in Michael's name.

For the parents of ill and terminally ill children, caretakers in hospitals and other health facilities. Teachers that work with children with disabilities, abused, forgotten and the homeless. Children who have nothing left, no hope for another tomorrow. Who welcome each day as one more gift of life. This is where this book belongs it has found its true purpose.

Either consider buying it for a child in need, or contribute to a cause that will help a child believe again. The purpose of this book is to give hope to the little minds that have so much to give to this world.

Sincerely in Peace,

Donna Massa-Chappee