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Upcoming Project Announcement - Rebuild St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Gary, IN

Posted on 17 July, 2014 by in Foundation News

Announcing Michael’s Dream Foundation’s intention to restore or rebuild the defunct St. Mary Mercy Hospital at 555 Polk St. in Gary, IN as a children’s medical recovery center.

In June of 2013, MDF began the research and preliminary groundwork to determine if the St. Mary Mercy hospital site and existing buildings can be re-used. The environmental studies and research required to make this determination alone are costly and time consuming so we have not made it past the research phase yet, but it is still something we wish, with all our hearts, to make happen. There is a possibility that we may begin fundraising soon for the initial study costs to see if we can even use the land, and whether or not the building can be restored or rebuilt. The primary structure was built in 1908 so there are many factors to consider.

In July of 2013 we were given an estimated cost for the site assessment of $9300. Once it is decided to move forward with this project, monies already received to the Michael’s Children’s Hospital fund will be a starting point to get the ball rolling, so if you would like to donate now please feel free to do so through the Donate! Tab on our website.

This is something we are very excited and passionate about and would love to see the entire community Come Together to see such a project through to the end. MDF cannot do it without YOU!

Please stay tuned for further updates and announcements regarding this upcoming project.

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