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MDF Partners With Heaven Leigh!

Posted on 05 May, 2014 by in Foundation News

We are Thrilled to announce that Michael's Dream Foundation and author/singer/songwriter Heaven Leigh have partnered for the month of May 2014 to raise funds for our Michael's Dream Box delivery to the UK! She has graciously offered to donate 100% of the profits from the sales of her 3 books for this entire month! How awesome is that?!

You can visit Heaven Leigh's website at to learn more about all the beautiful work she does. She is a multi-talented, glorious soul who truly knows how to show love, and teaches others that love through her artistic works. Please do check her out if you just have a need to "feel good".

You can purchase her books directly through Amazon by clicking the book covers below:


Featuring a poem written by Michael Jackson, MichaeLuna is a full-color illustrated Fairy Tale that asks: What if Michael's muse was a real being, watching over and inspiring him, as she had done for great musicians down through the ages? But something unexpected happened when she began her musical relationship with him. Magical and confusing feelings disrupted the realm of this heavenly goddess of song. She fell hopelessly and impossibly in love. Wouldn't you? 22 Illustrations in all. ($3.29 of every purchase earmarked for MDF)


Endymion Oracles: "Nina's Story"

Endymion Oracles: "Nina's Story" (formerly subtitled "The Crimson Flowers") is of an intense LOVE that defies all physical odds. Endymion and Nina are the keepers of each other's souls, calling to each other's hearts beyond realms of beast, spirit or human. Interwoven into their impossible romance is Nina's quest to save her people from a new religion that threatens to destroy their peaceful existence and everything Nina has ever believed. Nina's Story has traveled through EONS of time to find its way into your hands. The rest is up to you. ($3.87 of every purchase earmarked for MDF)



 Angel Michael Oracles

The channeled messages of Angel Michael Oracles are born from a marriage of minds. From spirit to spirit we all communicate. When one comes to another with urgent messages, it becomes a sacred trust to write out the impassioned words and share them. This began with a little girl, just a toddler, who fell in love with a spirit’s message of healing the world. She unknowingly taught her mother to hear this spirit deep within. One day, past writings from Michael may be found to corroborate the ones set forth in this book. Yet if those writings are never publicly shared, this book is a testament to the Earth Angels who are now hearing and feeling these messages. Beautifully illustrated to bring the words alive, our prayer is that you feel the JOY and breathe in the truth of Angel Michael’s message: LOVE Lives Forever. ($2.18 of every purchase earmarked for MDF)