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The need for your kindness towards others is now.

Please Donate towards the projects listed to help the children that are going through such trauma.

The time to act is here, please take action and do what Michael would have done without a second thought.

We are Michael's Dream Foundation.


Our KidZPatrol program needs your help.

Please click on any of these links.

Texas fund on Just Giving:…/kidzpatroltexasfloods

Grenfell fund on Just Giving:

Texas fund on Go Fund Me:

Or you can go to the donate Tab and click on the KidZPatrol Paypal.

Either way you donate via bank, credit card or PayPal please note what direction your donation you intend it for.

This is the right place for emergency help.


Michael's birthday is almost here. This year Michael's Dream Foundation will release 59 butterflies at Forest Lawn, Glendale.

A beautiful floral tribute featuring the art of Andrea day, the illustrator for the junior novel, Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys will be placed outside the mausoleum.   

We are so honored that E'casanova  a world renowned Actor will represent our Children's charity this year by attending the butterfly release.

E'casanova is a VIP celebrity supporter of Michael's Dream Foundation and has met with our representative from Turkey a few years back at Forest Lawn.



Please come join hands and sing 

Floral tribute will be placed outside of the mausoleum at noon.

Butterflies will be released at 2pm.

Floral tribute will go inside to be with Michael there after.

Please stop by before 2pm to celebrate Michael's life and birthday with E'casanova.

Thank You to everyone that contributed towards this beautiful birthday event for Michael.

The butterfly project continues as we campaign to raise funds for the children in Gary Indiana this year. Warm hats, gloves, socks and scarves.

Look for the butterfly on the donate page.





Grenfell Tower Fire

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Weʼre raising £10,000 to help the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire rebuild their lives after such a devastating tragedy.

              In the early hours of 14 June 2017; fire broke at the Grenfell Tower block of flats; North Kensington, London, United Kingdom.

At least 78 people are missing & presumed dead in this tragedy and that number is expected to rise. Over 70 people are currently in hospitals across London, with 18 of those people in critical care.

Brought to you by Michael's Dream Foundation; our KidzPatrol project is designed to help children in these exact circumstances. We work with the emergency services to provide help & comfort to children & their families in times of crisis.

These families have lost everything. They are left with the clothes they are standing up in. All of their belongings, their homes, their toys, their memories have gone up in smoke. And this is in addition to the trauma of experiencing such a tragic & frightening event.

Our mission is to raise at least £10,000 to help those who escaped the fire, to rebuild their lives. In particular; we will raise funds to provide the children affected by this tragedy, with clothing, school supplies and toys as they come to terms with these events.

Please do give what you can to help these people and especially these children. Whether it be a little or a lot; EVERY penny will help. Once the target is reached; ALL of the funds will be donated to the children & families affected by the Grenfell fire; so please give generously.



                              CLICK ON THE AMBULANCE


    To find out more about our KidzPatrol project and get involved, please visit the link below:









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please visit our kidZpatrol page on facebook 


Click on the Ambulance to Donate.


Children in crisis many times experience a traumatic event. How can we help?  Michael's Dream foundation would like to help our first responders and emergency services by supplying them with comforting toys and aids in helping to reduce the emotional impact left by a frightening event in their lives. Here is how you can help. Please donate towards the project by clicking on the Giant yellow P or you can donate through any of our other means by clicking on the donate page. We accept PayPal, we accept direct bank transfer and we accept Credit cards through our merchant account. We will also accept checks. Please donate towards a wonderful project and know in your hearts that you helped a young hero.