Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Many people have asked us what they can do to help make Michael's Dream come true, so we decided to dedicate a whole page to all the ways you can help!

We need people all over the world to tell their family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, healthcare professionals, teachers and children about us. The further our reach, the better chance we have of making Michael's Dream a reality!


Because Michael's Dream Foundation is a real-life company, and now a 501(c)3 charity, we are always on the lookout for dependable, reliable & motivated individuals who are willing to make a commitment to helping make Michael's Dream a reality.

Apply to be a part-time or full-time volunteer.

Because Michael's Dream Foundation is a growing company we are always on the lookout for dependable, reliable & motivated individuals to help us in our mission. - See more at:


As a not-for-profit organization we rely on direct public support to run our programs and build the foundation up so someday we can achieve the goal of building a free-standing, functional medical care facility for children.

Donate money, books, toys, games or professional services.


To "Pledge" is to show your support for our foundation by adding your name to a list of thousands of others that want to see Michael's Dream come true. This in no way obligates you to make any kind of financial donation now or in the future.

Submit a FREE Pledge of Support to add your name to our growing list of supporters.


Purchase keepsakes, household items and gifts through our online store:

The MDF Store on Zazzle 


Contact us to let us know of any neat fundraising activities you would like to try to raise funds for the foundation!


Check out Busy Bee's Fundraising Corner for some neat crafty ideas!


These people have offered to donate a portion of their sales to MDF programs! Please do check them out today and make a purchase!

Heaven Leigh (Author/singer/songwriter)

Donna Massa-Chappee (Author/artist)