Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Where did “Michael’s Dream Box” come from?

The Michael's Dream Box (MDB) concept was born out of a meeting between the president of Michael's Dream Foundation (MDF) and another local children's charity in the summer of 2012 while discussing the various options we had available to us. During this discussion it was acknowledged that, while at the moment, we don't yet have the knowledge, funds, experience and indeed the contacts within the non-profit industry to build a hospital (which is the primary reason MDF exists), we still wanted to do something to make a difference in the lives of sick children. The idea of smaller packages of toys came up and soon was named “Michael’s Dream Box.”

What is a “Michael’s Dream Box”?

The Michael's Dream Box is an insulated, fabric lunchbox with handles and utensil pockets and is imprinted with the MDF logo. The “lunchbox” concept was intentional in that the children can continue to use their boxes even after they leave the hospital and are ready to go to school. When delivered however, each box will contain an assortment of toys, games, books, puzzles and learning tools specifically designed for the group of children to receive them. The contents are selected based on the children's age ranges, language, culture, and world location. As this program grows though the toys are becoming bigger and better, so even though ALL the toys will no longer fit inside the MDB itself, it will still be used to hold the smaller items and be delivered alongside the other larger gifts.

How can I follow along?

You will be able to watch our magical journey via this page on the official MDF website and a dedicated Facebook page

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How can I help? 

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Here are the places Michael’s Dream Box has been so far…….

MDF TURKEY (April 2016)

Michael's Dream Foundation teamed with the group Minik Kalplerin Umudu Olmaya Varmısın. The hospital name is Şişli Etfal Eğitim Hastanesi. The children visited were between 4 months to 15 years old. They suffer with cancer. They can not play or go to school because of their illness. We bring toys, books also the little ones need diapers, baby food. We first asked what they want and in the second visit we brought what they want. The group goes to 2-3 hospitals.


MDF Italy! (April 2016)

April 2016 MDF visited the children's ward in a local hospital in Riunite, Foggia in the region on Puglia.

United Kingdom (April 2015)

After months of planning, fundraising, sorting and ocean freight shipping for our UK delivery of Michael’s Dream Boxes, we have finally dispersed the toys to various organizations in England. As with any new project we never fully know what bumps in the road may lie ahead. Our friend and supporter, Rob Swinson, stepped forward and contributed over half the funds needed to fulfill this project. Without his help we would have had to cut back on the number of toys we were able to give to the children, but….

Atlanta, Georgia (July 25, 2013)

Story by Louise Greer (MDF Secretary)

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite Hospital

As the date drew closer, the anticipation grew. The day before the Dream Boxes were to be delivered there was much to be done. The boxes had to be filled by age range and toys carefully chosen for each group. Each box had to be handled with care and filled with love. The Dream Boxes are filled and a portion is set aside for a special delivery that takes place right after the main hospital delivery. All boxes are lined up and ready for the trip into Atlanta.

Gary, Indiana (February 14, 2013)

On February 14, 2013, representatives from Michael’s Dream Foundation made a trip to Gary, Indiana to deliver some smiles to some very special kids. As many of us know, Gary is among the poorest cities in the country and is severely under-served when it comes to medical services available.