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Dakota Allen UPDATE

Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:56 Written by 

On September 2015, the Allen family moved into their new home. Dakota went exploring in the back garden and behind the shed found some containers with liquid inside. Dakota was curious as most children are and began to shake the can causing it to explode and burning over 70% of his body.  The previous owner had been storing dangerous chemicals and had just left them there. Dakota was flown to Boston from his home in Vermont and underwent several life saving surgeries. Dakota has been frequently experiencing hallucinations of being on fire.  This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, let alone a ten year old boy. We must help  Kota get through his healing process with the love and prayers from all of you. Please visit the Gofundme page set up by his family to help the Allen's as they will be displaced for a long time as young kota will be in the hospital for a while.

You can also visit the Facebook page set up for him to offer your get well wishes and prayers, consider sending cards to Dakota here at 

Shriner's Hospital,C/O Dakota Allen
51 Blossom street .Boston, Ma. 02114

We here at Michael's Dream Foundation would like to send Kota some toys and books but we understand that he loves Disney movies and skateboarding , he was really getting into skateboarding before the tragic accident occurred.

Please donate to the MDF General Fund so we can arrange a really super awesome Michael's Dream Box for Kota.  I cannot help but think of Michael when I learned of Dakota, Michael would have been there for him right away. lets be there for him now, for Michael and for his family.   Please be charitable as we have a lot of giving to do and every little bit helps.


Dakota has endured 16 surgeries and needs to rest as his body is healing. Dakota will remain in the hospital in the meantime.

MDF has put together a Michael's Dream Box and it will be arriving at the hospital shortly for Dakota. The Dream Box comprises of a new 10 inch android tablet along with books from Dennis Christen and Brenda Jenkyns and donated toys.

We will post pictures when they become available. Please continue to pray for Dakota's recovery and many thanks to everyone for donating towards Dakota's Michael's Dream Box.