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Caring for Kian

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On Thursday 31st October, the beautiful 18 month old Kian was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. This is his battle….

Baby Kian had been weak, tired, suffering with temperatures and reluctant to use his legs for several weeks. After 5 trips to the doctors and 1 trip to A&E, they decided it had gone on for too long and were referring him to a pediatrician. A week and a half later whilst waiting for this appointment, Kian's temperature had shot through the roof and wasn't being controlled by calpol, he cried all the time, wouldn't stand up, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep or settle. His worried parents took him back to A&E and Kian was kept in and given a blood transfusion when they found that his oxygen levels were low. The hospital took blood tests, did x-rays and scans, and took a biopsy on his pelvis as they believed it was a virus.

After a week in hospital, Sam and Kat were told that their innocent baby boy had neuroblastoma and it was high risk. The cancer started above his left kidney on an adrenal gland where a tumor had developed and the cancer had spread to his bones, particularly at this point, across his pelvis.

They have been told he has 50/50 chance of survival and if his treatment is successful, there is 80% chance of a relapse. There is no relapse treatment in the UK and fundraising is for relapse treatment in the USA which costs £550,000.

Kian spent the weekend having his second blood transfusion and being drip fed a protein milk to build him up before his chemotherapy started on Tuesday 5th November. He has now finished chemo and to date is waiting for 3 weeks radiotherapy. His journey through chemo was heartbreaking, and after the radio he has a further 6 months of immunotherapy. So far from over at such a young age. Would be very grateful if you would consider any form of help.

Regards   Emma Marshall

Visit the "Caring for Kian" Facebook Page for information on how YOU can help - See more at:


Visit the "Caring for Kian" Facebook Page for information on how YOU can help - See more at:

Visit the "Caring for Kian" Facebook page for more information on how YOU can help