Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Promotions, Pledge Master, Representative
Promotions, Representative
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New Hampshire, USA
Social Media Manager
Public Relations, Coordinator, New Jersey USA. I'm a minister of the gospel and a prophetic voice for the youth generation. my passion is and will always be to support, equip and mentor the youth generation. I have worked with children for many years especially those who come from broken homes. I strongly believe in healing and loving on the children bringing them hope and joy. Love is my life message. I was immediately drawn to MDF solely because it was and still is built until the true foundation of LOVE. Michael's heart was full of LOVE for all the children around the world. He wanted to see them healed, and happy, that's may heart desire as well. Sometime I really feel as though I'm Michael but just in a females body, therefore I will walk in his footsteps to see that we do aid one million children from around the world. "One Child AT A Time.
Russian Translator, Promotions, Representative
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
Graphic Designer
Vice President United Kingdom
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United Kingdom
Georgia, USA
Grant Writer
California, USA
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Minnesota, USA


Graphic Designer
United Kingdom
Promotions, Representative
Graphic Design, Representative
Pennsylvania, USA