Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Breathe New Life Into Cherished Tees

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Do you have a bunch of old t-shirts and sweatshirts that you don't, or can't, wear anymore, but that you don't want to get rid of? Upcycling is one way to breathe new life into them! The definition of Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Let's take those old t-shirts with sentimental value and make a blanket or quilt out of the t-shirt logos. You simply cut matching square blocks out of the front or back of the t-shirts and connect them with other fabric. With a sewing machine and a few crafting tools, you can create a comfy blanket that reminds you of your favorite musicians, sports teams, vacations and schools. 

Approximate numbers for some sample projects:
12 t-shirts (3 by 4 blocks) will make a throw sized blanket.

20 shirts (4 by 5 blocks) will make a twin bed sized quilt.

30 shirts (5 by 6 blocks) will make a double sized quilt.

36 shirts (6 by 6 blocks) will make a queen sized quilt

42 shirts (6 by 7 blocks) will make a king sized quilt.

You will need to cut out 14x14 inch squares from your tees. This will leave you a comfortable 2 inch allowance for seaming the squares together. The end result should leave you with a 12x12 inch square. You can also opt to use an “interfacing” on the back of each square for extra stability. This is recommended if the t-shirts are very worn and thin. 

Once all required squares are sewn together pin the right sides together with an interlining fleece batting, and backing (the back side of the quilt or blanket). Then, once all sides are sewn together leave a 6 inch opening and turn inside out to reveal the quilt. You can also just pin wrong sides together and sew a nice fabric border to connect your quilt pieces together.  

The full instructions on making a t-shirt quilt or blanket can be found here: Make-T-Shirt-Blankets

There are so many cool upcycled things you can make with old tees and sweatshirts like tote bags, scarves and very cool looking necklaces. Think about all the wonderful ways to upcycle and you will never again look at an old t-shirt and say it’s time to throw it out. Have fun and remember to use the links provided in the Bits and Pieces section to make and sell your new upcycled wonders.

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