Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Selling Books, CDs and DVDs

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Do you have a bunch of books sitting on a shelf gathering dust? If you haven't looked at them in a year or two, chances are you will never read them again.   

Why not sell them to help raise money for Michael’s Dream Foundation? At, which is owned by eBay, you can list all your used books for sale. As with online auctions, the buyer pays for the shipping costs. The main difference between raising funds this way, rather than through auctions, is that you set the price for your books, so you get exactly what you want for them--assuming you price them reasonably. If your group is large, you should be able to find lots of books to sell. Don't forget to ask for book donations from your friends and relatives. You could even peruse garage sales for used books and then resell them. Keep in mind that newer books usually sell better than older ones.

There are many other ways to sell your unwanted books as well! If you don't fully trust selling things via the Internet, you can also have a yard sale or garage sale at your home (or at a friend or family members home), flea markets, post a free ad on Craigslist, used book shops, antiques dealers (if they are really old and valuable books) and more!

If you are keen to only using the Internet and do not want to wait for a buyer to get your money, here are a few other sites you could check out (please note that MDF is not affiliated with any of these websites):                  


 You can also sell CD's and DVD's you no longer want or need! Same thing applies to them that you could unload them at yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, used CD shops, eBay, etc.         

Once you have made some money for yourself and are ready to send some to Michael's Dream Foundation, just click the Donate! tab at the top of this page and select the method of donation you would like to use (PayPal or check). You may also send us an email using our Contact form if you have any questions at all.